Corporate Social Responsibility

–or descent entreprenurship as we call it

Our work for minimizing our environmental impact has given many clever solutions.

  • Instead of driving all the way we take the train, bus or boat and rent a car at the destination. We do not only save money. In 2019 alone we also saved 5 tons of CO2 in spite of that we are still a small company.
  • When we rent, we search for eco-cars. 
  • We always avoid driving in rush hour traffic.
  • We have purchased reusable bags to decrease the use of plastic.

Better work environment is a sound investment. Also small companies can.

  • Of course labour union agreement, health care insurance and safety insurances for all employees.
  • A communication policy minimize the stress a flexible job can hold.
  • Our traffic safety policy is part of the New Employee information.
  • All assignments are scheduled in monthly planning and paid for by the hour, never with payment per assignment.

Working with environment and work environment should not be difficult, but natural.

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